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Update Log 1999-2000

This page is here in case any of you are interested in the history of Contracopia. Documented here are the updates for 1999 and 2000. Contracopia has been redesigned several times since this page was created, and many of the links may not work.

4 Nov 00: New CD: Pure Quill by Rodney Miller and Bob McQuillen
The Featured CD has been updated.

18 Oct 00: Removed item cccd-wi2, the CD Potluck by Wintergreen. If you are interested in this CD, please Contact Us
4 Oct 00: New CDs:   Groovemonger's Fresh Wares
  Larry Unger's Waltztime
  Permanent Wave
Launched Contracopia's Affiliate Program

The Featured CD has been updated.

12 Sep 00: Added a Gift Certificate order page.
Updated the shopping cart script, cart now accepts a Ship To address.
The Featured CD has been updated.

11 Aug 00: New CDs:   Rodney Miller's Airdance
  New Leaf
The Featured CD has been updated.

14 Jul 00: Added a Category Page to make it easier to find music to suit your tastes.

The Featured CD has been updated.

7 Jun 00: New CD:   Dancing in Lexington
The Featured CD has been updated.

4 May 00: New CDs:   Elftones
  Laugh and Grow Fat
  A Fiddler's Notebook
  All I've Got's Done Gone
The Featured CD has been updated.

1 Apr 00: New CDs:   Don't Ask
  Face the Creek
  Volga Notions
  One-Eyed Cat
  Sparrows in the Buckthorn
The Featured CD has been updated.

Every CD on this site now has an MP2 option for the audio samples.
4 Mar 00: New CDs:   Hand It Down
  Airplang II
The Featured CD has been updated.
7 Feb 00: New CDs:   Twelve Gated City
  Band Call
Music Index: I took the letters with no bands listed off the page so you don't have to scroll down as far.

The Featured CD will stay unchanged from last month. I want to give Mr. Carpenter a full month of glory.
12 Jan 00: New CDs:   Waltzing in the Trees
  Big Boned Beauty
  The Way It Really Sounds at a Barn Dance
Credit Cards: CyberYanke, the parent company of Contracopia, is now accepting credit cards (it is about time!).

New Shopping Cart: It took some doing, but the new system is much easier to use the the old one, and it provides the security I wanted for credit card orders. If you would like a run through on how it works, go to the order information page

Changed the Featured CD
3 Dec 99: New CD:   Steppin' on Cords
Corrected a problem with the mailing list sign-up, if you signed up and haven't received an email, sign-up again, please try again.

Changed the Featured CD
31 Oct 99: New CD's:   Nat Hewitt
  New Hampshire Hornpipe
  Newmarket Duets
Added MP2 samples to Eclectic Yankee
Added MP2 samples to Back Roads

Changed the Featured CD
4 Oct 99: Big update for CyberYankee's Contra Links page
1 Oct 99: New CD's:   The Great Waltz
  Vermont Sampler
Added MP2 samples to Wind Against the Tide

Changed the Featured CD

1 Sep 99: New CD's:   A Band Named Bob
  Apples and Oranges
  When Midnight Comes
  Smile When You're Ready
Added the Search Engine

Added MP2 versions of the Real Audio samples, so downloading Real Player will not be necessary. This process is more time consuming than I thought, so I will add the MP2 samples to the new CD's, and convert old files over the next few months.

Created a form to add email addresses to the Mailing List

Removed the "About CyberYankee Page" and replaced it with a link to the CyberYankee Home Page.

Changed the Featured CD

Added a Legal Statement page.

General update for text on opening pages

Changed the look a bit (ain't it classy now?)

And finally, added this Update Page.

14 Aug 99: Updated the Featured CD for August (just a little late).
15 June 99 The server was down for over a week after a malicious hacker had some fun. This month will be devoted to just getting the site back in working order.
5 May 99: Added CD's   Pass It On Down
25 Feb 99: Created Site

Founded 25 February, 1999
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