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Update Log 2001

This page is here in case any of you are interested in the history of Contracopia. Documented here are the updates for 2001. Contracopia has been redesigned several times since this page was created, and many of the links may not work.

17 Dec 01: No new CDs this month, I have been busy with filling all those holiday orders. I am working on some site improvements, and I have been listing CDs with Green Man Review

29 Nov 01: No new CDs, but a brand new Real Audio was published today. I also changed the shopping cart to automatically adjust inventory levels, so when you see Immediate Delivery on a CD page, it really means it. The script alterations mentioned below are still ongoing. Finally, the Contra Links page was updated, and links were added to 19 CD pages to reviews on The Green Man Review. web site.

12 Nov 01: New CDs: Like Water from a Mountain Stream Pig's Eye Landing

Faster Than a Walk Moving Violations

Old New England Old New England

There are several changes going on with the scripts that update Contracopia, display CD pages, and run the shopping cart. Alterations usually take place late at night and should not interrupt the function of the site. If You notice any funkiness, please Contact Me
24 Oct 01: New CDs: The Coming Dawn Nightingale

Sometimes When the Moon Is High Nightingale

Wherever You Are Wild Asparagus

5 Sep 01: New CDs: Green Mountain: Mary Cay Brass and friends

Full Swing: Susan Kevra and Mary Cay Brass

A Video!: Paid to Eat Ice Cream:

Also: a new webshow on Quebecois influence on contra music.

9 Aug 01: New Address! It was a long time coming, but I finally moved Contracopia to its own domain. Please tell all your dancing friends about the great music you found at Moving the site was more than enough work for one month, I will add a couple of CDs in a few weeks.

6 Jul 01: New CD: The Road to Burhania by Hotpoint Stringband

New Feature: Introducing the Contracopia Real Audio Show. Each month I will record a 10 to 15 minute program of contra dance music with some sort of theme. Here is a chance to hear complete tunes!

4 Jun 01: New CD: Balancing Act by Einstein's Little Homunculus

The site re-design is done, every feature on the site is functional. I still have plans, though, for new features that will make it easier for you to find music you like.

18 May 01: New CDs: Along the River by Susan Songer and Friends,
New England Chestnuts by Rodney and Randy Miller,
The self titled CD by Bag O'Tricks/Tricky Brits,
and two CDs by Popcorn Behavior;
Journeywork, and Strangest Dream

I have finally figured out how to convert the remaining indexes to the new format, all I just have to find the time to do it.

I added a neat little feature to the Home Page, a Random CD Link. It is right at the top of the page.

The Contra Links Page has been updated.
24 Apr 01: New CDs: Hands Four by Contratopia (no relation),
Keep This Coupon by Round the House,
and two CDs by The Elftones:
Mist-Covered Mountains, and The Moon and Seven Stars

The site overhaul is still underway. All the CD pages have been converted, but only the Band Index can access all the CD pages. I am working on getting the other indexes updated. All the old pages are still functional.

15 Mar 01: New CDs: Atomic City Rhythm Rascals
Dance Owl Night
Trip to Kemper
A Portland Selection

The site overhaul is still underway. I am converting the static CD pages to a database driven system. This will allow me to update the site more efficiently, and allow some new CD listing capability. The four new CDs above use the new system, the next update will have all the CDs up and running.

16 Feb 01: Busy, busy, busy. As you can see, the site redesign I have been putting off for a year is finally underway. I hope you will find the new design easier to get around. There are four new CDs waiting to be added, they should be ready for you in a week.

8 Jan 01: New CDs:   Wild Asparagus' Tone Roads
  Wild Asparagus' Call of the Wild
  Wild Asparagus' From the Floor Up
  Atlantic Crossing's Full and Away
The Featured CD is now on the Home Page

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