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Ordering Questions and Answers

Is my credit card information handled securely?
    Yes. Contracopia now uses PayPal's shopping cart system, which is time tested and recognized as a reliable, secure option for online payments. The cart does have quirks that are outside my ability to change (some are discussed below), but I have both sent and received payments through PayPal for years, and have complete confidence in them. BTW, I have noticed other sites selling contra dance CDs use a secure page that sends an email. THIS IS NOT A SECURE WAY TO HANDLE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!

Can I choose Priority Mail for faster shipping?
  Yes. The option to change shipping is available after you enter your payment information. Click "Check Out", enter your information, then click "Review and Continue". The next screen should allow you to change the shipping method.

The CD I want doesn't have an "Add to Cart" button. Why?
  If a CD is out of stock, I remove the "Add to Cart" button to prevent it from being ordered. Contra dance musicians are generally very busy people, and it can be a long time before I receive CDs to restock a title. I can never tell if I will have a CD back in stock in a week or if it will take several months. This used to drive me crazy, so my solution is to announce when out of stock CDs are back in stock. I will make these announcements on FaceBook, Twitter, and to Contracopia's email list. So, if you want to know when a particular CD is going to be available, sign up for one of those methods to get notified.

When I go to check out on the Shopping Cart, I get a message that says "The item you selected is unavailable at this time" What can I do?
  The PayPal shopping cart keeps track of Contracopia's inventory. When the number of CDs gets to zero, the cart prevents the order from being completed. The error message should tell you which CD is causing the problem. To complete the order, adjust the quantity of the CD and click update. The inventory quantities on PayPal are updated with each order, but the stock status on Contracopia is changed manually by me, so you may occasionally click an "Add to Cart" button, see the CD in the shopping cart, then have PayPal tell you the CD is out of stock when you click the "Check Out" button. That is one of those quirks I mentioned above.

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